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Registration for 2019 season has begun. You can register online here or with paper forms located here.

Attention Louisville and Superior 7-12 year-olds

If you currently don't have a team in your age group, You are eligible to play for the Lafayette Bobcats. Contact us here to find out more


 why we play

We teach the fundamentals of blocking, tackling, throwing and catching, but the kids also learn teamwork, dedication and the fruits of hard work. They gain confidence and a sense of accomplishment that grows with each week through the season. We have strong support system with our organization, you regularly see multiple generations of Bobcats at our games to really give a sense of family.

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The 2019 season is here! Check the team pages for schedules so you don't miss any action with your Lafayette Bobcats!

The 2018 Lafayette Bobcats


A big thanks to the Lafayette Lyons Club for their generous donation of $2500. They truly help keep the Bobcats on the field!

We are looking for a few Lafayette Bobcats Board members for the future.  If you're a parent that can serve, email us here!

 Lafayette Bobcats


 who we are

The Lafayette Bobcats are a youth football program for ages 7-12. We have a long tradition in Lafayette and have been putting kids on the field for over 65 years. It's open for kids between the ages of 7 and 12 on June 1st. It's the real deal: full pads, full contact, 11 on 11 football and on a regulation 100 yard field for ages 10 and up. Registration is currently open so sign up today!

why choose us

The Bobcats are committed to playing the game of football the RIGHT way, with sportsmanship, integrity and safety. The coaches are required to complete training every year to ensure they teach proper technique to the players and conduct practice in the best way to reduce injuries. None of our players suffered a concussion last year.  Also, The Bobcats' fee of $255 is still the lowest in the area and the players get to keep their jerseys forever!